GardenPoetry is the best way to set up a perfect flower delivery in Moscow.

Forget about tasteless bouquets made with cheap flowers, couriers worming through crowds in Moscow Metro and notes with awful handwriting. Every single detail in flowers delivery means a lot because it represents a sender and his/her attitude towards the recipient. This service is all about the details.


- We only use the best flowers that one can get. Mostly from Holland and Italy. Plus one excellent production in Russia that grows fantastic French fragrant roses.


- All our bouquets are delivered in branded cars by specially trained agents. These agents are good-looking with good manners, and above all, they care about the comfort of your recipient.


- We believe that a note is as important as a bouquet itself. Calligraphy is an art, and we have specially dedicated people who work to make handwriting at GardenPoetry as good as the best in Moscow.

Thanks for using GardenPoetry. We are available at for all sorts of comments or suggestions.